Everything About Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan

Most common problem for science students looking forward to doctorate studies is expenses. Every year, high fee limits a good number of science students from becoming a qualified doctor. However, the same problem doesn’t hold the ground with many medical universities in Kyrgyzstan offering the different courses.

These universities provide low cost and high standard doctorate studies for international students. Top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan offer MBBS programs to Indian students for as low as 12 lakhs. Twelve lakhs is a wholesome amount of the MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan that also covers living costs, accommodation, and other expenses of the students. It also provides extra privileges to students like gym, wellness center, fitness center, swimming pool, and much more.

The most recognizable medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are Kyrgyz state medical academy, International medical university, Kyrgyz Russian University, Osh state university, and International Kyrgyz medical university.

Minimum criteria for enrolling into a Kyrgyzstan medical university

All the Medical Universities of Kyrgyzstan have set forth a minimum qualification and a basic criterion for admissions to various study programs and courses. First, the aggregate score of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology should be more than 50%. This is the minimum qualification required to study in a medical university in Kyrgyzstan.
The other basic requirement for admission in medical universities specifies minimum age, valid passport, and good command over the English. Most medical universities have set forth a minimum age of 16 years for enrolling into doctorate studies.

Studying in Kyrgyzstan medical university

A medical university in Kyrgyzstan offers high standard medical education. A recognized medical doctorate from a Kyrgyzstan university is liable to earn accreditations of WHO, European Medical Council, and the Medical Council of India as well. Besides education, the high security environment and comfortable hostels are provided to international students.
Air conditioners, heaters, water suppliers, and hygienic food are accessible with all the hostel accommodations. Other facilities usually available with a Kyrgyzstan medical university are swimming pool, cultural center, sports ground, and a fitness center.

Benefits of a typical Kyrgyzstan medical university

The medical universities in Kyrgyzstan don’t ask for admission tests or donations. They have a straight forward admission procedure for all the nationwide and international students. A well accomplished Kyrgyzstan doctorate studies for no less than 6 years and goes through severe viva and internships before awarded with a doctorate degree.
A doctorate accreditation from Kyrgyzstan opens a gateway to lots of paid internships, scholarships, and heavily paid medical duties. The Kyrgyzstan worships Islam and 83% of the population is Muslim that kicks out the probability of having liquor during doctorate studies while rest everything is assured.

The easiest way of enrolling into a doctorate program in top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan is visiting a nearby abroad education consultancy service provider. These consultancy services help in choosing right colleges and universities depending on the accessibility and availability of funds. This enables the students to select the right medical college for affordable and recognizable medical education.

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