Vitebsk State Medical University

It’s a privilege for any student to study in Belarus as it opens the door for innumerable opportunities in medical sector. It has professionals having in depth knowledge. You will find numerous reputed medical universities here. Here, you will get English medium MBBS course as this country has English as official language. If you are good at English then you must go for MBBS in Belarus.

Candidates from all over the world desire to seek admission for MBBS in Belarus. In past one decade the percentage of international students has increased rapidly. There are many favorable factors playing an important role in attracting several students for MBBS in Belarus every year. Thousands of the foreign aspirants graduated from Belarus have been enjoying a successful career in medical profession.

Why you should apply for Vitebsk State Medical University in Belarus?

Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University is one of the most reputed higher medical educational establishments in the Republic of Belarus. Vitebsk State Medical University is rated as one of the topmost universities all over the world. Its Degrees are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.

It offers highly-qualified research activity and academic means of training. It provides high international standards and the combination of deep theoretical knowledge with fundamental practical training.

Merits of studying at Vitebsk State Medical University in Belarus

  • VSMU has good quality hostels with modern facilities for foreign students.
  • The hostels are inside as well as outside the campus in city.
  • It offers faculties such as, General Medicine Faculty, Faculty of advanced training and retraining, People’s Faculty “Health Protection” etc.
  • The university has trained thousands of students from Belarus as well as from various parts of world. The graduates from the university are working at good positions around the globe.
  • Cultural life in the university is multinational in character. Every year there
  • are several sports program organized.
  • The variety of Belarusian countryside and landscapes offer many
  • interesting excursion traveling tours around the country.
  • The University maintains a strong partnership between parents and the collage.

Admission Requirements:

  • The applicant should submit the documents to the Admission board of the Faculty of overseas students training:
  • 1. Application addressed to the vice-rector of the university
  • 2. Valid passport with period of validity no less than 1 year
  • 3. Document on completion of secondary education with results on biology and chemistry upscale (in Russian, English, French, Spanish)
The abovementioned documents must be submitted to the International department of VSMU by fax, e-mail. The enrolment process to VSMU is made on the basis of documents submitted and oral interview on the basic subjects.

Registration and Living expenses:

Each foreign citizen entering the Republic of Belarus is obliged to be registered domiciliary. The contribution rate is about 50 US $. Living expenses, including food, transport expenses etc. make up about 400 – 600 US $ per month. Without any further delay get enrolled with Vitebsk State Medical University to get the privilege of studying in top most medical college in Belarus. This golden opportunity can make your life. Hurry!