MBBS in China

Everything you need to know about studying MBBS in China

Getting their future secured as a medical professional is one of the things that many students have dreamt of. Medicine is not only a noble profession but has always been considered as the top future designations and that is why a number of students appear for the medical entrance exams in the country. However, not all of them land to get into their dream college or an affordable college for that reason. 

mbbs in china

With them limited number of seats and the fact that the Indian education system is also governed by a reservation system, many deserving students are not able to get into the college of their interest. This is why many students explore the options abroad instead of relying on the Indian education system.

Why Indian students find it hard to get an admission into a medical college in India

India is a very vibrant country however its education system still suffers through the slips of theoretical knowledge and reservation system. Even if a student applies with a private medical college through their management quota seats then a student has to pay a high fee in terms of capitation and donation which is exclusive of the fee structure for the course. The total amount is too hefty for any student to pay and so not many students can afford getting a seat into the private medical college.

Instead it is better for students to indulge in a foreign medical college that will charge you a lot less than the private medical college and instead provide you with a better and a top class of medical exposure based on the world class education approach.

China is one of the top locations for Indian students to study medicine from

The Indian society is highly influential to only let their children pick the top professions which include doctor as the top priority. Since the upbringing of the child is carried out in a manner that only lets them choose from the tough and tedious future prospects, many a times children fail to clear the exam owing to the immense pressure and stress on them.

Not only this, but, the medical institutions in China are packed with top quality instruments and equipments so a student is ensured to get the best of all the practical sessions. China has always held a strong hand in medical innovations and technological advancements that have taken place around the world so studying in a top notch medical university in China makes you indulge in the world class research facilities that will shoot your career to the stars.

Advantages of studying medicine in China

There are many advantages of indulging in a medical university in China owing the fact that you will be welcomed with a good medical research background and world class educative facilities. These include:

  • There is no capitation fee or donation charged from the students. Unlike the private medical colleges, who charge a good amount of capitation or donation fee from the student, none of the universities in China indulge in such a process.
  • All you have to pay is for the course fee which is previously entailed according to the curriculum and informed to the student as well. This serves to be a big relaxation for the students who are cannot afford the donation fee.
  • There is no entrance test required for admission. India follows a tough procedure wherein it has to make sure that a student who has secured the exam with a top AIR should get into the best college of the country. Many times students panic due to the exam stress and instead fail it not because of their caliber.
  • In China, none of the universities require you to clear any entrance exam. However if you are applying for universities that are MCI approved then you have to clear the NEET exam with a minimum percentile. Also every student who has completed their medical study from any foreign country has to clear the MCI Screening Test in order to practice in India.
  • The cost of living in China is very low. Unlike the Indian cities, a student can easily sustain in China that too with affordable living and cost. This is one of the biggest reasons, why people prefer studying MBBS in China since the cost of living is extremely low.
  • The MBBS degree from China is approved by international council like the WHO, UNESCO and other boards like MCI. This ensures that a student can effectively study in verse to their degree.
  • The campuses around ensure that a student gets the best of the world class infrastructure so as to make a student achieve a nurturing and growing demeanor.

Study in Europe will make your dream of studying medicine in China come true

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