Huazhong University

One of the top universities in Chinese, known for its imbibing nature of science and technology, Huazhong University is a public research university located in the Hongshan district of China. The Chinese center of science and technology is affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China and is one of the renowned medical centers in the country. Not only this but the university is also one of the one national laboratories of Wuhan National Laboratories for Opto-Electronics in China and is so a great center for indulging in a rich and amazing learning experience. The university has been awarded with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and so is amongst the China’s top ten research institutions according to Nature.


The Huazhong University was built in the year 1952 after the Central government of China sought to construct a new higher education system for the development and promotion of economy, science and technology post the Chinese Civil War.

Huazhong University was one of three universities that came into existence on October 1953 as a center for technological innovations and more importantly to lead some research and aid in the technological advancement of China.

The University previously was based only for technology and researches related to that field however it included a medical college in its aegis in the year 1985 as the Tongji Medical University in 1985 and thereafter became the Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2000.

The Tongji Medical College’s establishment can be dated back to the year 1907 when it was first founded as the Tongji German Medical School founded by Ehirch Paulun in Shanghai.

The Campuses of the Huazhong University

The Huazhong University of Science and Technology consists of two campuses mainly, the Main Campus at Wuchang and Tongji Medical Campus at Harkou. Not only this, but the campus has a green rate of 72% and is thus known as the Forest University. The campuses are highly picturesque with one campus covering an area of 7000 mu. This is why the university is preferred as a choice by many students.

The teachers and academic staff of the campuses are highly learned and knowledgeable and so it is one of the best centers to indulge in quality education from. The center has a total of 3,448 academic staff living in the lust green arcades of the Huazhong University.

The courses taught in the Huazhong Campus

The Huazhong University is one of the top level and prestigious universities in China aiding in the formation of world leaders for tomorrow. The center indulges in various schools and departments comprising of schools and departments of science and engineering, social sciences and medicine.
The science and technology center consist of 21 schools aiding in studies related to physics automation, mathematics, informatics, power, electrical engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering.

For the social sciences department consist of 13 schools indulging in the educative procedures related to Chinese literature, philosophy, political science, economics and foreign language. For the medicine department consists of nursing, forensic medicine, medical school, clinical medicine and drug and health administration.

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