Kyrgyz State Technical University

The Kyrgyz State Technical University was built on 1954.KSTU is a main state specialized advanced education establishment in the Kyrgyz Republic. There are 1000 educators taking part in the showing procedure, incorporating more 60 with the level of Full Doctor of Sciences and 250 with the level of Candidate of Sciences (PhD).

Right now, there are around 19.000 understudies full-time contemplating and 5000 understudies’ low maintenance learning at the KSTU in 20 building/specialized and financial fields, including in excess of 60 majors. There are following resources, subdivisions, offices and branches at the KSTU:

  • Staff of Information Technology
  • Power Energy Faculty
  • Staff of Transport and Machine Construction
  • Mechanical Faculty
  • Kyrgyz-Germany Technical Faculty.
  • Staff MPEI-KSTU joint with Moscow Power vitality Institute


Instructing is led as per the state models and laws on training in the Kyrgyz Republic with the accompanying terms of finish:

  • 4 years – get Bachelor’s certificate
  • 5 years – get certificate of an Engineer
  • 2 years – get Master’s certificate
  • 6 years – get certificate of an Engineer dependent on the low maintenance learning plan

The KSTU has “Doktorantura” and “Aspirantura” (Post Graduated) programs and has 4 particular gatherings for assessing “Doktor’s” and “PhD degree” theses. Profoundly qualified preparing of authorities is conceivable as a result of the cutting edge lab hardware and PC research centers associated with Internet. Library/Information Centre has roughly 500,000 bits of instructive writing.


Study in Europe holds an Online Scholarship Test each year where in the understudies get the NEXT Online Coaching on a tremendous rebate or even 100% grant which generally costs more than Rs.1, 25,000. It is a 360 imprints MCQ test concentrated on the twelfth Board tests schedule. In the event that an understudy scores 180 imprints or more, he will profit of half rebate on the Online NEXT test instructing and if an understudy scores 300 imprints or more, he is qualified for 100% grant and will get the training free of expense!


The base scholastic records of the understudies in Physics – Chemistry – Biology (PCB) at 10+2 dimension in Science stream are 60%. There are just 90 seats for Indian understudies. Again these seats are partitioned among North/South/West India. MOKSH have 45 seats hindered each year and can oblige understudies qualified for KSMA to MBBS program at the college. So as to ponder MBBS at Kyrgyzstan in this college, the understudies must reach there before twentieth of August.