Kyrgyzstan Turkish Manas University

Set up in 1995, Kyrgyzstan Turkish Manas University is a non-benefit open advanced education establishment situated in the rustic setting of the medium-sized city of Bishkek. Formally licensed as well as perceived by the Ministry of Education and Science, Kyrgyzstan, KTMU is a little coeducational advanced education establishment. KTMU offers courses and projects prompting formally perceived advanced education degrees, for example, four year certifications, ace degrees, doctorate degrees in a few zones of study.


The mission of the college to teach the adolescent from the Turkic Republics and related networks who put stock in proceeding with instruction, adapt together and make a typical comprehension and hence to add to the world’s science fundamentally to the Turkish Civilization, preparing up people who are skilled in their field and self-assured, who are outfitted with general esteem, moral principles and with the information of being Turk in the casing of our regular culture, and who know about their social obligations, contemporary and who can be globally utilized. Inside the structure of the mission University has following points:

  • To fill in as a model for the advanced education arrangement of Kyrgyzstan, and along these lines to assume a main job in worldwide incorporation by making utilization of contemporary training norms and strategies in a cutting edge college authoritative model.
  • To raise new ages as productive, imaginative, present day, who had confidence in the standards of a popularity based and a common state, circumspect to human rights, aware of their national personality, dedicated to their ethical qualities, steady and sound as far as body, personality, soul, profound quality and feeling, having social obligation.
  • To help the enhancements in logical writing and examinations on the planet with its interests in research and advancements just as logical innovation.


Understudies who move on from Kyrgyzstan- Turkish Manas University with a BA degree have chances to proceed with their training and get Master’s and doctorates in Social Sciences and Institutes of Science. These organizations offer MA and PhD programs in 12 distinctive significant subjects and have as of now graduated 312 MA (with proposition), 75 MA (without theory) and 34 PhD understudies. The post graduate projects of Institute are introduced by 53 academicians, that is, 21 Professors, 19 Associate teachers, 7 Assistant educators, 6 Senior Lecturers. The choice identified with the establishment of the Institute of Natural Sciences was taken by the Senate and exhibited for endorsement to trustees.