Davao Medical School Foundation

Learn About Davao Medical School foundation Inc (DMSFI)

About DMSFI: DMFSI a Medical education organization is at the top sixth place in performance of Physician Licensure Examination. Many of the Indian children get educated here. The stable climate and conductive environment makes feel good environment for students. Practicing in DMSFI is recognized by American Medical Council.

History behind DMSFI: There were lack of hospitals and doctors at rural and urban area in Mindanao. To overcome this DMSFI was found in Mindanao (Davao city) at the year of 1976. Their main aim is to bring the hospital serving the rural area and provide them the healthier environment to live the quality life.

They pay the way to global development of medicines and health centers. At the beginning, there was no money available to founder so there resides difficult situation that only rich people can afford teach the students without salary. Then the students become top doctors which made the standard of the DMSFI.

The generous and kind hearted people like Nellie Kellogg Van Schaick Foundation provided the scholarship to encourage and make the students develop as good doctors. And now one of the most recognized abroad university is DMSFI.

Specialty of DMFSI: There were nearly 125 faculties, with around 1058 student perusing their studies at DMFSI. They provide education on community health care and engagement to handle the patients with care.

Core Values: They follow the Core Value of FIRE. They follow good ethical values to maintain this core values. Their mission is to bring up god centered socially responsible health care providers in the society.

Journal of DMFSI: They have official Journal where they take call for papers under the topics medical, public health, medical education, practice and awareness.

Facilities: Library contains printed and electronic collection of references which is cost effective and knowledgeable. They keep library open on 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. during weekends and during weekdays they keep open from 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. They extend the library service time during the examination times.

They follow Standard Library Automation System in library to make the knowledge easily accessible. They have BS- MD degree that is of 5.5 years. They have air conditioned hostels with the option of self-cooking. They have good sports, yoga facilities too. They have good Gymnasium to care the fitness of the students, which is fully equipped with latest equipment.

They have nice amenities with modern infra. They have affiliated hospital which contains 100 beds with 4 – storey building. Hospital contains open corridors with peaceful garden.

Education Techniques: The students get practically trained on mannequins. Once they are ready they can take up the clinical rotational practice too. They have 3D Anatomy dissection center where the professors teach with better aid with advancement of technology.

Diverse learning: In DMFSI is multi diverse university. So student will interact with other students coming from different countries which provide friendly environment to them. Student feel positive and encouraged, they learn cultures of different regions.

Worship: To keep the students mind calm and to gain more knowledge they have chance of following their religious faith too. They have mosque, churches, temple available for the student to pray nearby.
The university provides a number of the advantages to international medical aspirants. He number of the students enrolling for the varied course is continuously increasing because of the many good reasons.

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