MBBS In Poland

MBBS from a reputed university in Poland

Studying medicine might be a dream for many, but the profession is all about helping those in need and serving humanity in all the best means. India is particularly obsessed with MBBS as a profession and a future prospect and that is why lakhs of students appear for the exam on a yearly basis whereas the numbers of seats for the same are very few. Some medical aspirants might consider admission in the private universities of the country; however the high capitation fee or donation fee and the pricy fee structure make it impossible for the students to pursue medicine in such colleges.

mbbs in poland
For the similar reasons, a number of medical aspirants try considering studying medicine abroad in other locations that fit into their budget and also make it easy for them to sustain themselves in foreign lands. Amongst the other famous medical colleges across the globe, Poland serves to be a probable country for Indian medical students to indulge in high class European education. With the addition of Poland into the European Union, now the students can study medicine and even work in any part of the EU.

Europe is the hub of all medical innovations and technological advancements

Europe has always indulged its various research groups into medical innovations and profitable researches in fields related to the medical sciences. This is why many of the medical universities in Europe are ranked on top in the world rankings.

As for Poland, the country is growing at a good pace in terms of economy and so is undergoing leaps and bounds of development. This is why many Indian students prefer to study medicine in Poland owing to the top ranked medical institutions and wide working options available.

Many of medical universities in Poland are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) meaning that any Indian citizen after completing its course of study in Poland can practice in India provided it clears the MCI Screening Test. There are a wide range of medical universities that welcome the Indian students in its abodes, making the study of medicine turn into a wonderful experience.

The course curriculum in Poland is said to be the better owing to the fact that it relies on practical aspects of knowledge rather than theoretical ones and that is why many Indian students are seeking MBBS admission in Poland. The medical universities in Poland are recognized by the top organizations of the world like the World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, and other country boards like MCI. Many of the international health chains have their offices in Poland, making the job prospect after the course of study easier and more enriching.

Duration of the medical course in Poland

In order to complete the course of study in Poland, a total of six years is required. These six years comprises of five years of clinical study and then one year of internship at a hospital which is affiliated with the medical university. There is also a provision for clinical rotations in order to have an effective practical approach to the MBBS curriculum.

What is the admission procedure required for getting into the medical universities in Poland?

In order to get an admission into the top colleges of Poland, the following admission procedure has to be followed:

  • First the applicant has to fill the online form and pay for the required documentation charges. Also the application form requires you to attach the duplicate copies of Grade 10, 11 and 12th marksheets along with the leaving certificate for the 12th standard and a valid passport as well.
  • After successfully filling the online application form you will now get a confirmation letter within the four working days of your application. The required college will be sending you a confirmation letter along with the student visa stamped on your passport.
  • Now you will be required to pay the handling charges. Now you have to send your passport copy and your student visa will be then issued to you depending on the working days of your Embassy.
  • Now you will receive your student visa along with a welcome letter by the University. This will also include an Admission Letter after which you will be now free to travel to Poland and start with your dream of becoming a doctor.
  • The course time for medical study comprises of 5+1 year.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Poland

The place offers ample of advantages and benefits which include:
  • There is no capitation fee or donation fee charged unlike the private Indian colleges.
  • You indulge in an experience involving world class infrastructure and amazing teaching professionals.
  • Studying in Poland will enrich your mind into a better understanding and even let to live with the culture and tradition followed.
  • High standards of study are followed by the Medical universities of Poland.
  • Also, students are provided with scholarships and stipends during their course of study.
  • The tuition fee and living expenditure can be easily afforded by the student and so this makes it a perfect destination for Indian medical aspirants.

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