Medical University of Gdansk

Medical University of Gdansk loved By Indian Students

One of the largest medical and academic institutions in northern Poland, the Medical university of Gdansk is one of the top levels medical university is Poland. The university is known for its high number of academic staff and the total number of students that attain the top level of education from the arcades of the Medical university of Gdansk.

The university houses more than 5000 students with more than 1500 academicians teaching medicine to the aspiring and devoted student base. The university practices the tradition of medicine as well indulging in the teaching and researching of the various medical and scientific aspects of the field.

The history of the Medical university of Gdansk

The Medical university of Gdansk was setup initially as the Department of Science and Medicine which was in turn managed by the outstanding and eminent scholars of that era. The Medical university of Gdansk came into existence in the year 1945 and since then has be generating medical professionals and surgeons who not only have the theoretical knowledge of the subject but are adjured with sound practical knowledge of the same.

Not only this, but the university has been home to a number of Noble laureates that not only lead a revolution of medicine in Poland but also nurtured the students and the world understanding about the topics.

The world rankings of the Medical university of Gdansk

The Medical university of Gdansk is regarded as one of the top universities in Poland and is trusted by a number of international accreditations and publications. The Medical university of Gdansk is ranked internationally for clinical medicine and so a number of international ranking sites credit the university with top rankings in the world ranking aspect.

It is already the top level medical university nationally and according to the international rankings, it lies within the top 500 institutes for its clinical medicine teaching.

The faculties encompassed by the Medical university of Gdansk

The Medical university of Gdansk includes more than 1500 academic teachers and more than hundred of them hold the professor position in terms of degree. The education offered by the Medical university of Gdansk nurtures the students with required and updated medical education to all its medical professionals and is a preferred choice by the international students since it conducts its teachings in English.

Not only this but the university offers its courses at a very affordable tuition fee, aiding in the dream of many students who want to become a doctor but cannot expend a lot of money for it. The English courses for the clinical medicine are known as the English Division of the Faculty of Medicine which invites a lot of international applications every year.

The faculties include Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy with Sub-faculty of Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences with Sub-faculty of Nursing and Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine and The Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdansk and the Medical University of Gdansk.

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