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Know Everything You Need About MBBS in Russia

MBBS or the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is one of the most outstanding professions in the world. It is also one of the preferred choices in the world and is aspires by a number of students. For the similar reason, Indians are mostly obsessed with the profession and want one of their kids to become a doctor. In order to get admission in the top government college of the country, a medical aspirant has to clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). 

mbbs in russia

Every year lakhs of students sit for this exam but due to the limited number of seats and the reservation system in the country, only some lucky students get there hand onto a deserving seat of any government college.

The scenario of the private medical colleges in the country are more exploited since they ask for high donation or capitation fee and that coupled with the high fee structure of the universities make it impossible for students to aspire to get top quality medical education.

MBBS in Russia - In a Glance

Last Date to Apply15th November, 2020
Eligibility for MBBS in Russia50% in PCB for General at 10+2 Science
40% for SC/ ST or reserve categories
Course Duration in Russia5+1 Year Internship
Medium of EducationEnglish Language
Minimum Tuition Fee$ 3500 USD/ Per Year
Maximum Tuition Fee$ 8000 USD/ Per Year
Living Cost in Russia$ 150 USD/Per Month
Recommended UniversitiesBashkir State Medical University
Recognition of UniversitiesMCI & WHO accredited

Looking for options to study medicine in russia

Studying MBBS in abroad requires a lot of thinking since it involves living outside of your country in a foreign land. A lot of questions and aspects have to be studied before thinking of a probable location to pursue MBBS from.

Amongst the world countries, Russia is one of the best options owing to the fact that the country leads the market of research and innovation and is constantly ranked amongst the top world countries offering quality education that too at an affordable cost. This is why medical education in Russia is chosen by a number of Indian students.

Prospects of studying MBBS in Russia

If you aspire to become a doctor and want to fulfill that dream at any cost, then searching for locations abroad that can aid in your search and also nurture your knowledge with their quality education and the world class infrastructure.

Studying MBBS in Russia serves to be one of the good options considering the fact that a number of Indian doctors have graduated from there and continued their practice in India. The history to this goes back to 1996 when Indian medical aspirants were passionate enough to study the profession. Russia is one of the centers of innovation in the world and is complied with top medical universities of the world.

Also the medical colleges in Russia are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and so that opens many doors for the Indian medical aspirants who find clearing the tough and competitive NEET exam very difficult. More than 3500 students in India indulge in studying medicine from Russia owing to the immense number of benefits that the Russian universities offer.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia

Russia is one of the leading countries when it comes to innovation in terms of science and technology. This is why the country is frequented by a number of Indian students who want to make their lives into the same field. The country covers the practical approach of medicine and so it is preferred by a number of students from around the globe.

Almost all the Russian medical universities are ranked amongst the top universities in the world and this attracts a number of Indian medical aspirants. Perks of studying MBBS from Russia include the following the points:

  • The country is known for its quality education. The MBBS course curriculum taught consists of majority of practical knowledge rather than theoretical aspects. The medical universities in Russia rely on the importance of hands hands-on experience with the real life situations rather than what is written in books and so this proves to be beneficial for students. Also, getting an MBBS degree from the top rated medical university in Russia kick starts your medical career.
  • The MBBS course fee structure is very low. This is highly important and one of the major reasons why, students indulge in studying MBBS from the top medical universities of the country. Unlike the Indian private medical colleges, you do not have to pay any donation fee and this makes it easy for Indian students as well. For the similar reason, there is high inflow of Indian students into the Russian medical universities.
  • The eligibility criterion for studying medicine is easily fulfilled. Unlike the Indian medical colleges that have high expectations from students who get enrolled in their medical colleges, Russian medical universities do not have such extravagant eligibility criteria.
  • The country is affordable and so you can easily manage the living expenses while living in the country. The education system of studying medicine in Russia is simple and not that elaborative and so an Indian medical aspirant can easily fit into the rules and regulations.

Eligibility criteria for getting an admission in the medical universities in Russia

There is a particular eligibility criterion which has to be followed in order to apply for the medical universities in Russia. These include:

  •  The applicant should have completed the age of 17 years before the year of the admission in the university.
  • The candidate must have scored an aggregate of 50% marks in their 10+2 standard or equivalent with subjects like Physics, Chemistry Biology and English as the compulsory subjects.
  • The applicant must have passed the exam with a recognized board of the country.
  • The Indian applicant must have passed the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) exam issued by the MCI with the minimum percentile so as to be eligible to apply for the Russian universities.
  • The applicant must also pass the necessary exam with required by the Russian medical universities.

The primary factor which makes Russia a better option for Medical students to get into Russian Universities rather than opting for Indian private colleges or selecting any other country (European) for MBBS abroad is the “lower fee” factor. Russia is a paradise of people having a dream of selecting MBBS abroad at a lower cost of both academic fee and other expenses of living and surviving in a new nation.

The fee structure may vary from one college to another whereas there is a basic approximation of the same. The Russian institutes’ charge around 20lakhs for the MBBS degree course which can reach up to 28lakhs for the same course of identical duration i.e. 6-year MBBS degree.

The fee difference is observed with a change of choice of college. The payment of fees can be converted into installments of a required or affordable EMI part to be paid every month or quarterly, entirely depending upon the choice of student and convenience.

Russian Universities also allow Indian students to visit their homeland at the end of every six months during the course. Thus, Russia is an ideal choice if you want to opt for the hassle-free, experienced faculty, and student-friendly environment for pursuing the MBBS degree course.

Thus, the highly competitive MBBS fees in Russia play an important role in making MBBS studies in Russia demanding for the students from the different parts of India.

Russia Offering MBBS at A Lower Tuition Fee

Now take the benefit of low tuition fee and fulfill your dream of doing MBBS in Russia without any hassle. When a medical student desires to have an MBBS degree, the very first option for them is to grab a seat in the government institution of India. Whereas accomplishing the same can be a very tough mission with a very low probability of achieving the goal just in time. But can you work on your plan A without even having plan B or C options? Ofcourse not.

So, as far as Indian students are concerned, they require global exposure, educational environment at a comparatively satisfactory rate. For such global experience and abroad MBBS or BDS degree at a lower/affordable price, Russia can be an ideal option for enthusiastic and passionate students. The Indian students have furthermore benefits in addition to low fees, when they choose from any of Russian Universities. Russia is one of the major Hotspots for Indian students who look forward to pursuing MBBS abroad. Many factors attract the Indian students to get enrolled in Russian Universities for pursuing MBBS abroad.

Few of the features of Russian educational systems are reflected below:

a) Russian medical degrees i.e. degrees including MBBS, BDS, etc. are attested and recognized by the higher authorities of medical departments such as MCI, WHO, and other such authorities.

b) There is no “chaos” or confusing steps to be followed for the admission procedure. The steps are clear and quick to make it easy to be enrolled in Russian Institutes.

c) There are no additional charges or donations attached to the fees of a degree throughout graduation.

d) If you can manage to get into the category list, the scholarships are also offered by many Russian Universities.

e) Fees and other accompanying expenses such as living, food, etc. are lower in Russia when compared to other European countries.

f) The top-ranked Universities around the globe include many Russian Medical Universities. Thus, the indemnity of perfection and experience is also provided.

g) Russian Universities highlight their culture and thus MBBS students can indulge themselves in a different culture gaining experience in many ways.

Get ready to compete with all your friend interested in the field of medicine and get enrolled in a reputed medical college offering MBBS in Russia at a comparatively low tuition fee.

MBBS in Russia at a Glance

Apart from the above described few educational institutions; there are many other well-known medical universities in Russia that allow admission to national and international students. Every year thousands of students from different countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh travel to Russia to study medicine and MBBS programs. All the medical universities of Russia have received accreditation from the world’s major organizations such as WHO and UNESCO. The Medical Councils of many countries like U.S.A, U.K, Middle East, Australia, India, and Canada have granted recognition to various degree courses in medicine.

Today, Russia has emerged as one of the most preferred destination among the international students for doing higher studies in medical science. The medical universities in Russia are well recognized all over the world and the teaching standards in the Russian universities is quite high as compared to many other global medical universities. Study Medicine in Russia is the best option for international students, especially Indian students who are passionate about learning medicine.

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